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Halfway Through | E-Book


Our Beginnings

Montero Medical Missions was founded by Dr. Juan Montero II, who immigrated in 1966 from Mindanao, the Philippines at age 24 as a post-graduate trainee in surgery at DePaul Hospital in Virginia. Following his training as a surgeon at the University of Virginia Medical School, he settled in Chesapeake, VA to practice his medical profession. What followed was several decades of serving the communities of Southeastern Virginia using his surgical skillsets at local hospitals and clinics.
Dr. Montero became aware of lack of medical care in rural areas of Virginia whether in the low-income families or migrant workers laboring in the fields. He also became deeply involved with nonprofit Physicians for Peace as a trustee and started to spearhead missions at various locations around the world


     Dr. Montero felt the inner calling of giving back to society and humanity as he became aware of the blessings of a good life he was bestowed with a beautiful family in four good sons getting educated in their fields in medicine, law and culinary art. He first established Chesapeake Care Clinic in the early 90’s with the help of his physician friends and a local bank, then recruited numerous medical personnel as volunteers to staff the free clinic serving the community. Within a short number of years, this free clinic became self-governing and well-run so that Dr. Montero relinquish the supervisory role to start a new nonprofit organization to give back in larger scale within the US, the Philippines and other countries where extreme lack of medical care causing sufferings. This was the starting point of Montero Medical Missions (MMM) by Dr. Montero to unite people from all walks of life from medical, surgical, dental, allied health and operations backgrounds to execute his vision. The good doctor became acutely aware that there were pockets of extreme lack of basic medical care domestically and various parts of the world. MMM was created to address these extreme needs with careful planning, execution and work toward a more sustainable planet.

Download the eBook, of Dr. Juan M. "Doc" Montero II's autobiography, "Halfway Through." Doc wrote this book at age 35 and it was published five years later, in 1982. Originally published at Indiana University, a copy of Doc's book is housed at the Library of Congress. Doc is in the process of wrapping up his story by writing, "Halfway Through and Beyond," which will be the subject of a documentary. Stay tuned for more details! The book is free with donations to Montero Medical Missions greatly appreciated!

Halfway Through - An Autobiography