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Alaska 2023

In June 2023, Dr. Juan Montero and Board Member Shane Roddy embarked on a trip to Alaska, rightfully referred to as “The Last Frontier.” The purpose of their visit was to explore the Battle Dawgs’ expansive 650-acre retreat and participate in the ribbon-cutting of their new Veteran Wellness Center. The newest part of the Battle Dawgs’ facility was made possible through collaborative efforts, including fundraising activities such as MMM’s inaugural Parade of Boats & Fish Fry in 2022, which contributed to its completion.
During their week-long stay, Dr. Deb Wood, an esteemed member of MMM’s International Advisory Board and a significant contributor to the Battle Dawgs, graciously hosted Dr. Montero and Shane. Dr. Deb guided them via tours through the picturesque Alaskan wilderness, via trains, boats, off-road vehicles, and more! This immersive experience allowed them to witness firsthand the remarkable location that the Battle Dawgs call home and where they meet their mission to help our nation’s combat veterans reset.
MMM’s partnership with the Battle Dawgs represents our commitment to expanding our domestic projects aimed at assisting veterans who are grappling with conditions such as PTSD, TBI’s, and opioid addiction. By supporting the Battle Dawgs, we strive to address the healthcare needs of ailing veterans and promote their overall well-being.
We encourage you to visit the Battle Dawgs’ website at www.battledawgs.org and follow their social media channels to gain insight into their impactful initiatives. The deepening partnership between the Battle Dawgs and MMM is an exciting prospect that fills us with admiration and enthusiasm for the work that lies ahead.

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